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Plant Health (herbagreen®) products are complementary foliar fertilizers, based on micronized minerals and plant extracts of natural origin. They consist of selected raw materials and contain macronutrients such as calcium, magnesium, sulphur, as well as micronutrients, e.g. iron, boron, manganese, zinc and molybdenum. The product is suited for application in both, organic and conventional agriculture.
Product Portfolio
In the face of arable land depletion, pressure to improve crop yields has accelerated the demand for plant health products. Here, the SANOVITA herbagreen® product portfolio includes powder products and fluid products, both with very beneficial effects on the plants.

Powder Products

herbagreen® powder products are natural complementary foliar fertilizers. They are composed of micronized stone powders, produced from high quality raw materials and an elaborated technological production process. They contain a special combination of nutrients, macronutrients like calcium, magnesium, sulphur, and micronutrients like iron, boron, molybdenum and beneficial elements like silicon. Sprayed as a complementary foliar fertilizer on the leaves of the plant, they can be used on a wide range of crops.
In some countries, herbagreen® products are also available under the branding of Fluisan®.

Liquid Products

herbagreen® liquid products are pure natural products which mainly consist of plant extracts, recommended to strengthen and vitalize all agricultural and ornamental plants. They support the metabolic process to enhance stress tolerance, thereby improving plant yield and quality.

herbagreen® powder and liquid products have three main effects on the plants:
  • Higher photosynthesis activity = the nutrient composition and its charges promote a higher number of chlorophyll molecules and a more efficient chlorophyll activity (light absorption)
  • Higher tolerance of the plants against biotic and abiotic stress = the nutrient composition and its charges promote an indirect effect on the production of plant stress metabolites degrading enzymes, like peroxidase and catalase (metabolites decomposition)
  • Plant strengthening effect = the nutrient composition and its charge promote an indirect effect on the production of plant defense substances (phytoalexins)
Unique Benefits
The Unique Selling proposition for Plant Health (herbagreen®) products includes:
  • Higher crop yields
  • Higher vitality and increased plant strengthening
  • Better root and stem development
  • Organic certified agricultural inputs
  • Higher quality of agricultural products
  • Longer shelf-life of fruits and vegetables
  • Significantly increased profitability due to higher yields and quality levels for the respective crop
The specific application of Plant Health products relates to the sort of crop and to the existing climate conditions. SANOVITA and its Sales Partners provide the appropriate Application Sheets for you. Below, please find three Application Sheets as an example.
Crops & Results
The crops displayed below provide an impression of the wide range of applications for herbagreen® products. For all of the crops listed in alphabetical order, successful field results are already evidencing the farming benefits of herbagreen® product applications. The field tests have been carried out and monitored in cooperation with reputable try institutions, universities and research institutes all over the world.
Product approvals upon request. Please contact the SANOVITA headquarters!
Frequently asked questions
What is "foliar fertilization"?
Plants absorb essential nutrients not only through the roots, but also through the leaves. Therefore, and with adequate application provided, foliar fertilizers are suitable - for faster absorption of nutrients into the plant. The foliar application shall be realized at the top and at the underside of the leaves. Uptake of nutrients is facilitated through the stomata as well. Foliar fertilization, therefore, is a valuable nutritional supplement to plant application because of the following reasons:

  • Foliar application also improves the absorption of nutrients by the plant at specific vegetation times
  • Foliar fertilization is especially helpful at deficiency of nutrients
  • Foliar fertilization is necessary in the growing seasons of plants, characterized by high consumption of essential nutrients for growth, flowering, etc.
  • Foliar fertilization is effective in balancing deficiency and immobilization of main- and micro-nutrients in the plant due to drought, cold, plant stress, and at changing pH values

What does "higher tolerance to biotic and abiotic stress" mean?
Biotic stress is stress that occurs as a result of damage done to plants by other living organisms, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, insects, weeds, and cultivated or native plants. Abiotic stress is defined as the negative impact of non-living factors on the living organisms in a specific environment. It has been claimed that abiotic stress causes most of the crop loss even before of any other factor and that yield potential in most major crops is. Silicon along with micro-nutrients of natural origin stimulate the reduction of stress metabolites. This happens by supporting enzymes such as superoxide dismutase, catalase and peroxidase. Superoxide dismutase reduces mainly the free radical superoxide, converting it into oxygen and hydrogen peroxide which are less harmful. Catalase (hydrogen peroxide detoxification - stress metabolite detoxification) is an antioxidant enzyme found in nearly all plants which transform hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) into oxygen (O2) and water (H2O). Peroxidases are enzymes that catalyze the reduction of peroxides. The reaction is primarily the removal of toxic peroxides.

What is "Redox potential"?
The ability to donate or receive electrons is called redox potential (short for oxidation-reduction potential). The release of an electron (oxidation) also releases energy from the oxidized molecule – the redox potential increases. The absorption of an electron (reduction) stores energy in the reduced molecule – and lowers the redox potential. It is important to know that a negative redox potential means that the molecule contains more electrons = more energy. Thus, "negative" here is quite positive! The redox potential of a liquid is measured with a redox meter in mV (Millivolt).

What product features make Plant Health (herbagreen®) products unique?
herbagreen® products are natural foliar fertilizers, consisting of stone powders and plant extracts, promoting a faster and healthier plant growth. Its uniqueness as a foliar fertilizer is based on the special raw materials and on a technically complex processing technology. herbagreen® contains nutrients such as the macro-minerals calcium, magnesium and sulphur. Further, it contains micro-nutrients such as iron, boron, molybdenium and beneficial elements such as silicon. For application, herbagreen® is mixed in water. Then the mixture is sprayed in a fine mist onto the leaves. The nutrients can penetrate directly through the pores or the stomata into the leaves tissue. This way, herbagreen® provides a higher photosynthesis rate, a higher tolerance against plant stress and a plant strengthening effect.

herbagreen® offers the following unique features:
  • Raw material with high nutrient value
  • Exclusive and sustainable raw material availability
  • Unique manufacturing process
  • Unique recipes and formulations
  • High quality foliar fertilizers for complementary and efficient plant nutrition
  • Well-researched and designed application methods

What are the general effects of Plant Health products on plants?
  • Increase the total harvest
  • Improved quality
  • Increased dry matter content in the fruits
  • Better taste
  • Fruits are larger and last longer fresh
  • Improved plant vigor (immune system)
  • partly ,reduced growing season
  • Partly, faster harvest cycles (early maturity of fruit)
  • Stronger growth of plant, toots and stalks
  • More stress tolerance towards high and low temperatures

What is the logic behind "plant treatment"?
Sound plant treatment aims at increasing photosynthesis activity, at the same time increasing tolerance against biotic and abiotic stress and plant strenghtening. In effect, such approach results in higher yields at higher quality levels of the agricultural products.

How is the plant health treatment applied?
SANOVITA products are applied by foliar fertilization. Most efficient product effects are warranted by spraying in a fine mist on the under- and upper-side of the leaves, preferentially in the earlier morning or late afternoon hours (when the stomata are open). Specific information are given by application sheets, provided by your local Sales Partner.
For some general information, please refer to the following brochures: