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Animal Health (animamineral®) products are excellent animal feed additives with a high active surface function. They improve the metabolism of animals by better digestion, detoxification, improved immune system and the provision of trace elements.
Product Portfolio
animamineral® products are excellent animal food supplements. The products consist of natural crushed minerals and have a highly active surface function improving the metabolism of animals. The specific properties of micronized mineral powder can be achieved through our special production process. animamineral® promotes detoxification, providing trace elements and stabilizing the general health of animals. The valuable feed supplement animamineral® is an essential contribution to sustainable, lasting and healthy animal feeding.
Unique Benefits
The Unique Selling Proposition for Animal Health (animamineral®) products include:
  • Strengthening the animal's immune system
  • Improved general health of the animals
  • Promoting the animal's detoxification
The specific application of Animal Health products relates to the respective type of the animal, the breed, and the weight. SANOVITA and its Sales Partners provide the appropriate Application Sheets for you!
Product approvals upon request. Please contact the SANOVITA headquarters!
Frequently asked questions
What product features make Animal Health (animamineral®) products unique?
  • Strengthening the animals’ immune system
  • Improved general health of the animals
  • Use of raw materials with high nutrient value
  • Exclusive and sustainable raw material availability
  • Unique manufacturing process
  • Unique recipes and formulations
  • Well-researched and designed application methods
  • Profound scientific tests and field trials
  • Authorization and registration for product market entry

What is the logic behind "animal treatment"?
The logic behind the Animal Health products of SANOVITA refers to detoxification and improved feed uptake. At the same time, the animal's immune system will be enhanced significantly.

How is the Animal Health treatment applied?
The Animal Health products of SANOVITA are mixed into the concentrated and/or into the mineral feed. Alternatively, it is possible to mix the Animal Health products into the basic feed.
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