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Field Results in China

Published by webmaster April 2018

In April this year, Martin was travelling repeatedly to China. This trip was about supporting some intense farming activities throughout the country: In four provinces, several different crops have been treated with SanoVita products (SanoVita Concept). In Jiangsu: applications in winter wheat took place together with large farming businesses; in the province of Hainan: applications took place in large area pineapple orchards, in various vegetables, water melons, chili and litchi, in the province of Guangdong: applications in citrus fruits, plums, and peaches; in the province of Shaanxi: applications took place in apples, cherries, grapes and jujube. The photo shows Martin and some farming partners and dealers screening the quality parameters for pineapple, after successful treatment with SanoVita products (SanoVita Concept).