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Seed treatment is not just about treating seeds!

Next to the choice of varieties, the question of the optimal seed protection is critical as well. The aim of seed treatment is to control the microorganisms that live in association with the plant root and to enlarge root volume. More microbiological activity results in higher nutrient availability. Thus, roots can absorb more nutrients. As a result, crop yield improves, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

At the same time, soil fertility improves significantly. Plant roots are coated with a layer of microorganisms (rhizosphere). These microorganisms depend on the plant's root secretions (exudate): They promote the production of substances necessary for the plant which, in turn, promote root growth. A combined effect of different plant extracts, minerals, and microorganisms leads to biocenoses exercising the most favorable impact on plant health.
Unique Benefits
The Unique Selling Proposition for Seed Health (herbaseed) products include:
  • Stronger growth of the roots through adsorption of complementary nutrients
  • Crop yield improves, both quantitatively and qualitatively
  • Significantly increased microorganism activity in the root section (rhizosphere)
  • Products for seed treatment are available for almost all agricultural crops
  • Significantly increased profitability due to higher yields and quality levels for the respective crop
The specific application of Seed Health products relates to the specific kind of seed and to the prevailing climate conditions. SANOVITA and its Sales Partners provide the appropriate Application Sheets for you!
Product approvals upon request. Please contact the SANOVITA headquarters!.
Frequently asked questions
What product features make Seed Health products unique?
Seed Health products provide the following unique features:
  • Used raw materials with high nutrient value
  • Exclusive and sustainable raw material availability
  • Unique recipes and formulations
  • Well-researched and designed application methods

What is the logic behind "seed treatment"?
The aim of seed treatment is to benefit the mircroorganisms that live in association with the plant root and, as a result, to enlarge the root volume of the plant and, consequently, the uptake of plant nutrients.

How is the seed treatment applied to the various crops?
Seed treatment is applied by seed coating.